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BIG NEWS for the Hyatt Family!

We received some BIG news for our family a couple weeks ago! I know the suspense has been killing you, so here's our big news!

We found out our twin girls' adoption was finalized on June 18th! Our daughters are OFFICIALLY Hyatts!!!

twin girl adoption announcement with sign

To back it up for some of you who hadn't heard, Dale and I brought home twin girls in November (with very little notice)! Some of you may have known and wondered why you hadn't seen any pictures of them, well it's because finalization can take 6-8 months in North Carolina and we couldn't post pictures of them on social media during that time... Crazy, huh?!?

We have been loving life as a family of 4, but have been anxiously awaiting this day when the law says that Camden and McKinley are Hyatt girls forever! Now bring on the pictures!! Sorry in advance for the baby overload that is about to happen!

For the next couple weeks, I will be posting a 7 part blog series on our whole adoption story, so stay tuned for all the deets because it's a pretty crazy story!

For now... Here's what you really want... Pictures of the cutest babies ever! (Do I sound like a mom yet?!)

newborn twin girls on blanket

1st day home - it's tiring being so cute!

twin girls with flower headband on flower blanket

4 months & mom finally got us to both look at the camera!

smiling twin girls

Serious in cahoots going on here...

matching twin girls on blanket in grass

One thinker and one stinker... This picture captures their personalities perfectly!

twin girls in inflatable pool

Rolls on rolls on rolls... What's cuter than a naked baby in a swimming pool? 2 naked babies!

twin girls laying on blanket

What do y'all think? Identical or fraternal?

Twin girl NC State Wolfpack Fans with Football Leg Warmers

Not sure they have a choice in the matter... Looks like they'll be NC State fans!

Twin girls in sunglasses and swimsuits

1st trip to the beach with these dolls!

twin girls laying on playmat

Come on... Look at those thigh rolls! SWOON!

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