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Motherhood... A Long Winding Road to Get to the Best Destination

I'm rather new to this whole motherhood thing, but I have been waiting a long time to be a mom, so I have to say, I'm SO thankful and honored to hold the title of "mama" to the two sweetest blessings, my twin girls - Camden & McKinley.​ I learned from the best, and I SO wish my mama could meet my daughters - but one day we'll all party in heaven together!

I'll be sharing my thoughts as someone who struggled with infertility, loss of my own mother, being blessed by adoption, as well as the daily struggles of being a new mom - and a twin mom at that! In the meantime, listen to some of my thoughts on motherhood here... I had the opportunity to share some struggles and joys on a panel at church along with some much wiser women than me. 

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