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Top Gifts for a 1 Year Old

Since we've made it halfway around the sun since the twins' first birthday, I figured it would be a good time as any to share a couple of the blog posts I have been meaning to write since their first birthday!

In this post I want to share some of the twins' favorite gifts and some other fun ideas for 1 - 2 year olds. So If you're looking for a gift for a one year old, you've come to the right place!

I organized the list by price category - so I hope that helps! Plus all of these items can be found on AMAZON - Click on any photo to go directly to Amazon to learn more!

Under $25

Musical Instruments - these were HANDS DOWN my daughters' favorite gift they opened on their birthday - they immediately started playing and making music, and they still play with them months later!

First Spoon & Fork (Grabease) - these come in a pair with a cute reusable zippered bag and in TONS of fun colors! PLUS they give 2 meals to children in need for every pair purchased!

Board Books - these are some of our favorite board books!

Zutano Slippers - once the girls got into 12 month jammies, there were so many more that didn't have feet! They wore slippers a ton this past winter - these ones are great because they don't fall off!

Bouncy Balls - these are perfect for playing soccer inside or outside or rolling back and forth - they are lightweight and don't hurt if they get hit with them!

Baby Doll Stroller - the girls' got a double stroller for their twin babies, but this single stroller is SUPER cute and looks just like the real thing! They fight over pushing their stroller - it's definitely one of their favorites!

First Baby Bowl - this stainless steel bowl is dishwasher-safe, comes with a lid, and has a suction that actually works!!

Refrigerator Magnets - my girls love to play with magnets on the fridge while I'm cooking, and these ones are fun animals so you practice your animal noises!

Wooden Blocks - the girls finally started building towers a couple months ago, and now these are one of their favorite quiet activities, plus they help with fine motor skills!

Kids Tea Set - when their cousin comes over, the girls love to play tea party! It's one of those toys when they're having a meltdown, I can say "hey, can you go make mommy some tea?" and it actually distracts them enough to forget their meltdown! They would also walk around stirring the spoon and cup for months!

No-Spill Sippy Cup - This stainless steel sippy cup has a removable handle, an optional straw, and cap - perfect for on the go!

Toy Pots & Pans - these pots and pans are SO cute, plus they double as drums! YAY!

Toy Coffee Maker - this is similar to the teapot - the girls love "making daddy coffee"!

Play Food - the girls play with their toy food EVERY DAY! I feel like I am always cleaning up food in two kitchens!!

Toy Truck - whether you have a girl or boy, kids love to push around a car/truck! The Melissa and Doug wooden tractor trailer is great because it has enough cars to share with friends!

Kids Laptop - normally I'm not big on loud toys, but our friends gave us this since their kids had outgrown it, and we ended up having to buy another one because I was ALWAYS breaking up fights over the laptop - the girls love to dance to the music and my husband loves to play the "guess the animal" game!

Under $50

Baby Doll - our friends gave the girls twin baby dolls for their 1st birthday - they had never really seen a doll or played with one before, and immediately when they opened it, they hugged and kissed the dolls! They cried when my husband took them to the kitchen to cut them out of the box!

Hooded Toddler Towel - one year is just about the time little ones outgrow their adorable hooded baby towels - so this is a super practical, yet cute gift for a kid if you want to stay away from toys!

Toy Tech Set - If there was one thing (okay three) my kids wanted more than anything that they couldn't have, it was remotes, keys, and cell phones! This set has it all, and they actually look real!

Baby Swing - I haven't met a kid who doesn't like to swing, and this is perfect because you can hang it from a tree or on a porch! We got a crocheted double swing for the girls, but this swing is perfect for both boys and girls and for all styles!

Wooden Walker - this was perfect when the girls were first starting to walk - it was a little hard for them to maneuver at first, but once they got the hang of it, it was great, and so cute with the alligators chomping their mouths as they walked!

Under $100

Water Table - this is one that we're still waiting to buy the girls and will probably cave soon, but they played with one at their friends' first birthday, and we had to tear them away from it! It's a perfect toy to keep them occupied and out of trouble outside!

Teepee - Not only is this SO stinking adorable, it's perfect for playing in - my girls love to play peekaboo with each other through the window and they bring books in there and "read - plus sometimes mom "hides" out in there when the girls are playing to get a minute to relax!

Ride On Toy - most things we just get one of and try to teach the girls to share, but this was definitely one thing we opted to get two of, and I'm SO glad! The girls love their "scooters" and got the hang of them surprisingly fast! They ride around the house in these all day! I think it will also make it easier for them when we start them on a balance bike soon!

Melissa and Doug Grocery Cart - there were a few things the girls got for their birthday and were immediately obsessed with - and this was one of them! They love to fill up their cart and push it around the house! Warning: you will likely have some dings in your doorways/corners of table legs if your children are anything like mine and think it's funny to ram it into everything!

Kids Sized Chair - when the twins go to their cousins' house, they LOVE climbing in and out of her chair and sit there while reading books or having a snack - plus it doubles as a seat for mom when she's playing in the playroom!

Over $100

Play Kitchen - this is one of those toys that grows with them - my 18 month olds love playing with the kitchen, but when 4and 5 year olds come over, they love it too! It's a great toy to keep kids entertained and help them use their imagination and "be like mommy and daddy"

Wagon - this can be the start of when kids don't really want to sit in their stroller anymore, and so a wagon is a perfect option for going on walks or to parades or playing in the driveway - especially if you have more than one child!

I'm sure there are some awesome things I missed, so tell me - what were your kids' favorite gifts/toys when they were one? Comment below!


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