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#HyattFamilyofFour Photo Shoot

A couple years ago, my husband and I went to a silent auction to support a local charity. One of the items they had was a family photoshoot by Becca Mills - I decided that was what I wanted to bid on it and watched it like a hawk the whole night. Well we ended up winning it (possibly due to me stalking the sign up table, but don't ask my husband!), and I thought how perfect it would be for a maternity shoot when we got pregnant. We held onto it for a couple years, and for those of you that know my story know... that hope of becoming pregnant is still that - just a hope.

Well would you know... when we decided to adopt, I contacted the photographer almost 3 years later and she was so gracious to honor our certificate! So, when the girls adoption was finalized, we decided it was the perfect time to meet with Becca for our family photo shoot to celebrate C & M officially becoming Hyatts!

She did an amazing job and was SO great with the girls and getting them to smile and look at the camera! We are so thankful for her generosity and patience because these photos turned out PERFECT!

Our favorite song to sing to the girls is YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE... How fitting!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you... Please don't take my sunshine away!

You can't tell from these photos, but even at 8AM on a Sunday, the sunflower fields were buzzing with SO many people (and bees)! We quickly realized, we were not the only ones with the idea of taking family photos in the sunflower fields! HA!

Per usual, I am a procrastinator, so I didn't have time to order bows online and have them get here in time, so I found out the shop Lilliputs was owned by a local mom and reached out to her to see if I could get some custom bows in time for the shoot. Sydney, the shop owner from Lilliputs was SO amazing and got us 5 sets of twin bows in time for the shoot, and I drove to Pittsboro to her house to pick them up! Talk about customer service!

Can we just take a minute to admire those rolls? Believe it or not, these girls were in the 1st percentile for weight when they were born... Let's just say we don't have to worry about that now!


McKinley Grace (on the left) & Camden Brooke (on the right)

Can you even handle two babies in overalls? I mean c'mon!

And I will finish this post with my favorite photo of the shoot...

Meet Lauren...

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