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DIY Canvas Art - $9 Total

gray and white geometric pattern fabric

I found this pretty fabric at a garage sale for $1, so I scooped it up because I figured I could find a use for it some day... story of my life, just ask my husband (and look at our crap room... I mean "craft" room)!

So I decided that I would make some inexpensive DIY artwork for our house since being newly married, we didn't have much in the way of artwork.

I went to AC Moore and picked up a set of 3 canvases and got to work! You can find similar ones on Amazon here.

You can do whatever size makes sense for your space, but I chose 9"x12" for this project, and the quality of the canvases isn't super important either since you're not going to painting them.

canvas laying on fabric

It was pretty simple work as long as you have a staple gun! I cut the fabric to be about 1.5" wider than the canvas to give me enough fabric to work with.

Then I stapled the sides (which was the easy part)

fabric stapled to canvas

Once I got to the corners, it was a little tricky, but I just pulled the corner diagonally as hard as I could and stapled it once.

corner of fabric pulled on canvas

Then I folded each of the corners and gave it one more staple.

fabric folded over corner of canvas

Do that 2 more times, and voila! Cute canvas art for $9!

three canvas art with geometric pattern

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