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Trying my Hand at Glass Etching

I wanted to try something new, and I was forever losing my Tupperware and dishes when I brought people meals, so I decided to try my hand at glass etching. I found this product called Armour Etch that was super easy to use! I tested a few times on an old glass jar to make sure I got it right before I potentially ruined my nice Pyrex.

First you'll want to pick your design. I used vinyl letter stencils (similar to these) to spell out our last name (they're not my favorite font, but they were the only decent ones at AC Moore when I checked.) I would recommend planning ahead and ordering yours online - you can do monograms or even cut your own stencil using a stencil sheet.

Then you'll want to clean your glass with rubbing alcohol or Windex to get any residue off so it etches nicely. Then you'll want to apply the stencil stickers on your glass - making sure the spacing is right (you might need to overlap your stickers a bit). You want to make sure that there aren't gaps between your stencils so you don't accidentally get the etching cream in between the letters.

Next you'll apply the Armour Etch using a q-tip or something similar. Leave it on there for at least 5 minutes. You can check it by rubbing it off with a q-tip while the stencil is still on to see how the etching looks. Some people even recommend stirring the etching cream around a couple times to ensure there aren't any air bubbles.

glass etching cream on stencils on pyrex baking dish

Once you're satisfied with the etching, you can remove the stencil stickers and wipe clean!

I was pretty pleased with my final product - It has lasted through the dishwasher and quite a few washes, so I'd say it's definitely a permanent solution to losing your glassware!

finished etched baking dish

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