• Lauren Hyatt

File Cabinet Makeover

Who here thinks that file cabinets are just plain ugly? This girl knew we needed to get our filing in order, but was not about to bring one of those hideous metal ones into our office. So I found a less hideous laminate wood one at a thrift store and decided to paint it.

I picked out some chalk paint (because let's be real - chalk paint fixes everything & you can paint laminate with it!). I chose a light gray so it would go with everything, and decided to keep the original hardware since it was a kind of matte/distressed gold which was perfect! I scuffed up the edges with some light sandpaper and finished with some wax.

AH! I love a good before and after!

I found another wooden filing cabinet at the flea market recently, so I have a pair and am planning to create a desk... So stay tuned for the final product!

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